2015 Prize Winners

Our 12 shops got together on Monday to draw the winners of this year’s Shop Hop. Here are the 2015 prize winners and their home towns. Congratulations to these lucky folks! Your local shops are contacting you to get your prizes to you. We had way more winners this year than ever before so it’s a long list–but that is a very good thing!

Super Grand Prize: Paula T. – Monroe, UT

Grand Prize: Debbie J. – Logan, UT

1st Place Prize: Judy D. – Idaho Falls, ID

2nd Place Prize: Kris L. – Jackson, WY

Shop-Donated Prize Baskets:

  1. Anne T. – Challis, ID
  2. Laura B. – Lander, WY
  3. Darby P. – St. Anthony, ID
  4. Irene P. – Idaho Falls, ID
  5. Eileen C. – Idaho Falls, ID
  6. Cory D. – Idaho Falls, ID
  7. Summer S. – Idaho Falls, ID
  8. Heather W. – Boulder, WY
  9. Brenda P. – Cheyenne, WY
  10. Gina G. – Idaho Falls, ID
  11. Kym L. – Teton, ID
  12. Tabatha C. – Chubbuck, ID
Vendor-Donated Prize Baskets

  1. Nancy J. – Rexburg, ID
  2. Dennis K. – Tooele, UT
  3. Roy G. – Idaho Falls, ID
  4. Linda J. – Roy, UT
  5. Maureen M. – Naples, FL
  6. Linda B. – Idaho Falls, ID
  7. Dixie O. –  Idaho Falls, ID
  8. Jo B. – Shelley, ID
  9. Kris W. – N. Ogden, UT
  10. Betty K. – Tooele, UT
  11. Karlene H. – Pocatello, ID
  12. Cassie D. – St. Anthony, ID
  13. Carol E. – Pocatello, ID
  14. Donna C. – Shelley, ID
  15. Alice N. –
  16. Lori W. – Idaho Falls, ID
  17. Dale H. – Idaho Falls, ID
  18. Margo H. – Rexburg, ID
  19. Jill J. – Ammon, ID
  20. Ruth H. – Montpelier, ID
  21. Sheirah M. – Petersboro, UT
  22. Jeanette W. – Idaho Falls, ID
  23. Barbara H. – Howe, ID
  24. Betsy M. – Providence, UT

4 responses to “2015 Prize Winners

  1. Kris Lee

    I’m so excited to win a prize. Thank you for your fantastic Shop Hop. It is my first and I will be going again for sure! Great shops and prizes. Congratulations to all the winners.

  2. Linda J.

    This was my first tri-state shop hop and it was a blast! We enjoyed all the wonderful shops and “Hoppers” we met along the way and winning a gift basket was icing on the cake! Thank you to all the hard working shops and staff that made the experience so much fun (even hubby was impressed!). We’ll be visiting many of the shops again before next year’s hop.

  3. Connie Handy

    My husband won a basket full of quilting goodies from Daydreams quilt shop this year! I feel really spoiled because my birthday was during the shop hop, then mother’s day and then right after that the basket! Thanks so much!!! This was our second year doing a shop hop. my husband enjoyed the road trip and I enjoyed seeing what all the shops had to offer.

  4. Betty K

    My husband and I signed up for the shop hop late in the game. A friend said to sign up while we were at a conference in Kemmerer. My husband said we could make an additional 9 shops. So off we went enjoying the scenery along the way. At the 10th shop we turned in our passports. Low and behold we both won vendor baskets. They were full of great quilting goodies. Oh, this was our first shop hop and we will do it again.

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