new shop prize baskets

As part of our plan to amp up your favorite part of shop hop (the prizes of course!), this year each participating shop will contribute a prize basket worth $100! These will be in addition to the prize baskets provided by fabric and notions companies that we give away each year.

Let us put it this way for you:

Your chances of winning a prize at the 2015 Shop Hop just went up 70% over last year! 

We’re estimating that 1 in 20 people will win one of our prizes, and that doesn’t even include all the prizes given out in each shop! This is Amy from Stylish Fabrics drawing prizes last year. Will your name be on one of those passports drawn this year!?

Shop hoppers visiting all 12 shops will be eligible to win one of these $100 prize baskets. See the Prizes page for full details on everything we’re giving away this year.

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