2014 winners!

Our 12 shops got together on Monday to draw winners for this year’s Shop Hop, a very fun task for us. Here are the 2014 winners and their home shops. Congratulations to these lucky folks! Your local shops are contacting you to get your prizes to you.

Grand Prize: Norman W. – Madsen’s

1st Prize: Jerry L. – Porter’s IF

Prize Baskets:

  1. Tiffany L. – Madsen’s
  2. Ryan P. – The Ribbon Retreat
  3. Wanda L. – Abbott’s
  4. Ione L. – Sages Creek
  5. Jennifer E. – My Girlfiend’s
  6. Kim J. – Stylish Fabrics
  7. Toni D. – Heritage
  8. Diane M. H. – Madsen’s
  9. Pam C. – The Ribbon Retreat
  10. Susan P. – The Ribbon Retreat
  11. Ginger S. – My Girlfriend’s
  12. Saundra D. – Stylish Fabrics
  13. Robyn G. – Porter’s Rexburg
  14. Inella D. – Porter’s Rexburg
  15. Stevie D. – Madsen’s
  16. Juliann S. – Porter’s IF
  17. Terri G. – My Girlfriend’s
  18. Katherine H. – Stitch ‘N Time
  19. Kerry M. – Porter’s IF
  20. Judy W. – IF
  21. Linda H. – Madsen’s
  22. David D. – Sages Creek
  23. Terie A.  – Sages Creek
  24. Kathy R. – The Ribbon Retreat
  25. Kitty G. – Stitch ‘N Time
  26. Rebecca W. – Suppose
  27. Becky E. – Heritage
  28. Judy S. – Suppose
  29. Joyce T. – Porter’s IF
  30. Bonnie K. – Porter’s IF

Junior: Muriel J. – Ace Hardware

Next year will be here before we know it!

3 responses to “2014 winners!

  1. Terri

    Awesome! It was so much fun to do this shop hop and I can’t wait until next year.

  2. ginger s

    I am a prize winner, and am looking for the shop that DONATED the prize I won. is there a list of which shop donated what basket? Thank you!

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