on the trail in the u.s.a.


Our shops are busy getting everything ready for the Shop Hop, but we wanted to give you an idea of what you’re in for! This year each shop will represent a city in the U.S.A that has inspired the free pattern and charm that shop hoppers will receive. Here’s a hint at what you can expect along the way!

Shop – City – Charm
Heritage Quilts – Orlando – Cinderella’s High Heel Shoe
Stitch ‘n Time – San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge
Porter’s Rexburg – West Yellowstone – Buffalo
Abbott’s – Honolulu – Palm Tree
Porters Idaho Falls – Lancaster, PA – Thimble
Madsen’s – San Antonio – Cowboy Spur
The Ribbon Retreat – Nashville – Musical Notes
Sages Creek – Las Vegas – Playing Cards
Suppose Quilt Boutique – Los Angeles – Sunglasses
My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe – New York City – I Heart NY
Stylish Fabrics – Salt Lake City – Wagon
Ace Hardware – New Orleans – Crown

For more information on each of these locations visit our Shops page, or visit our custom Shop Hop Google Map that has the route already marked for you!

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