Shop Profile: Porter’s Craft & Frame Idaho Falls & Rexburg

shop hop profile: portersPorter’s Craft & Frame is a craft, frame, fabric, scrapbooking, and home décor store located on 2455 E 25th St, in Idaho Falls, and at 19 College Ave in Rexburg, Idaho. The Porter’s store was founded in 1912 when Arthur Porter created a retail store/newspaper printer and named it “Porter’s.”

shop hop profile: porters

The Porter’s family has kept the store running through the years, by adding to the store and changing with the changing society. Chuck and Linda Porter now own and operate Porter’s Craft & Frame in Idaho Falls and Rexburg Idaho. Here at Porter’s we provide custom framing as well as a wide and varied selection of quilting fabrics.

shop hop profile: porters Here at Porter’s we have a large selection of fabrics including: cotton, flannel, linen, polyester, and minkee fabric.

shop hop profile: portersWe provide sewing and other craft workshops in our store on a regular basis because we want to help our customers create things they can be proud of. We also offer project sheets with step by step instructions to help customers create their own quilting and fabric projects.
shop hop profile: porters At Porter’s, our staff are trained and ready to provide genuine care, convenience, and comfort to all of our customers so that they can have a wonderful in-store experience.

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